As educators, we strive towards one goal – preparing our students for the future and all the ups and downs they will be facing in the world they live in. While societies connect more and more, communication and everyday interactions have become more complex than ever before. We can help you as a school or a teacher to build bridges. We will provide you with the necessary knowledge and resources to help your students see the world from an international perspective.

Activities reach from Longterm collaborations, shortterm projects and workshops to 1-on-1 or group consulting

Longterm Collaborations
such as for the annual project “Expat in Nederland” for Maatschappijleer since 2018 at Heerbeek College in Best
Hand in hand with the teacher we are introducing the topic itself. Interview sessions with internationals living in the Netherlands for the students puts the theory into practice.
“Eet Culturen” – WON Project at Knippenberg College in Helmond in 2018
In the WON-project, we invited internationals from Germany and different Spanish-speaking countries to talk and be interviewed about their eating habits, typical food from their country, and the origins of some typical recipes. It’s quite amazing to realize how internationally influenced our recipes are!

such as “Suitcase to travel the world of cultures” at Sint Lucas in 2020
“InterCookbook” at Heerbeeck College in Best in 2019/2020

• Multilingual Classroom
• Intercultural Competence
• Preparation Workshops for going abroad for children and parents
• Troubleshoot Workshops – Navigate your intercultural classroom
• Intercultural Interventions – Fun Mini Workshops for break times

Consulting Sessions tailored to your needs, addressing your goals.

De vrouwen van het team van Interculturas zijn erg veelzijdig. Zij weten hun kennis en brede ervaring te vertalen naar boeiende bijdragen voor alle typen onderwijs. 
Ze weten uit eigen ervaring wat het betekent om wereldburger te zijn en te maken te hebben met allerlei verschillende culturen. Hun academische kennis en ervaring helpen hen bij het maken van aantrekkelijke opdrachten voor leerlingen en studenten. Daarnaast zijn het mensen die erg prettig zijn om mee samen te werken! 
Sandra Verbruggen

Projectleider, Bildung Brabant

One of the favourite workshops in detail…


The workshop “Multicultural Classroom” is designed for teachers who find themselves in the situation of teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds with different levels of communication skills. When navigating a multilingual classroom, it is especially important to put a high emphasis on aspects of language-in-use in order to raise metalinguistic awareness. This workshop aims to help current and future teachers become aware of the fact that for effective communication students’ diverse cultural backgrounds and language skills do not need to be an obstacle, but can also be an advantage in everyday communication. Participants will be able to see their classroom from more than a monolingual perspective and will thereby be able to better guide their students’ communication in the classroom community.

 Teaching students from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds is a challenge that many teachers face every day. While it is often seen as an obstacle, a diverse group of students is first and foremost an advantage for both the students and teachers. This workshop will help teachers to

  • Use their multilingual classroom for their own educational purposes, 
  • Raise their metalinguistic awareness,
  • and look at their challenges from new perspectives to turn them into fun experiences for themselves and their students. 

Drawing on theories in educational linguistics, the workshop will provide tools and strategies to guide students through everyday classroom situations and help them become better communicators in all life situations.

The workshop can be organised for a group of teachers from the same school or with teachers from different school. 

In an upfront conversation the focus points, struggles or goals will be discussed, so the workshop will be fully adjusted to your needs. 

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