With all our hearts and minds we believe in the power of education, empathy, curiosity.
We combine expertises in intercultural communication and education, academic teaching and design for learning and playing material and communication design. Further we are having a broad personal experience of living abroad and having an extensive international network locally and globally.

VERONICA ALBRECHT-BORTH  World citizen with academic teaching experience.

With my University background (Biology) I am used to teaching and working with internationals. Having lived in 7 countries on 3 continents makes me feel more like a global citizen than a German – but I am possibly more German than many Germans. How come? You are welcome to ask me this question in one of our workshops or projects.

Getting to know who you are and how to be part of this global world is one of my personal interests in InterCulturas.

SANDRA SCHINDLER   Intercultural educator.

Born and raised in Germany, I have traveled across the world and studied and lived in Japan and the United States to learn about people, cultures and languages.

In May 2017 I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education with a master’s degree in Intercultural Communication. Prior to my time in Philadelphia I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies and Art History from the University of Munich in Germany. During my undergraduate studies I spent a year abroad at Doshisha University in Kyoto where I discovered my love for intercultural communication and education.
I now continue my adventures in the Netherlands where I started my professional life as an intercultural educator. I am thrilled to be part of InterCulturas where I am provided with the possibilities to share my knowledge and inspire people to look at the world from new and unfamiliar perspectives.


ANNE YIANNI  Communication and Social Designer

With all my heart I believe that we can solve problems through design and communication. Our world is growing more and more international which brings challenges and opportunities. I have a background in Industrial Design with specialisation on Design for learning and playing. This gives me a foundation in applied child psychology and anthropological development. From the beginning in my professional day-to-day life I focussed on communication, also marketing and branding, and especially visual design. It has proven that communication is the key to solving problems on every level.

At InterCulturas I provide hands-on tools to help students see the world from an international perspective and to support teachers with arising challenges caused by internationalisation. Here my experience as a mum in a three-language household adds in perfectly to my professional endeavours.   



De vrouwen van het team van Interculturas zijn erg veelzijdig. Zij weten hun kennis en brede ervaring te vertalen naar boeiende bijdragen voor alle typen onderwijs. 
Ze weten uit eigen ervaring wat het betekent om wereldburger te zijn en te maken te hebben met allerlei verschillende culturen. Hun academische kennis en ervaring helpen hen bij het maken van aantrekkelijke opdrachten voor leerlingen en studenten. Daarnaast zijn het mensen die erg prettig zijn om mee samen te werken! 
Sandra Verbruggen

Projectleider, Bildung Brabant