Today’s children face a completely different world then we did. The world is developing into a melting pot. It is multicultural, multilingual, and rapidly changing. This brings many challenges as well as many opportunities which haven’t existed before. 

Teaching about the beauty of diversity and how to connect across differences is our first goal at InterCulturas. It always includes one very important first step for us and all our students and participants – self-reflection. Where do I stand? What is my story? What have I experienced so far? Without becoming aware of one’s own role within society, connecting with others in a meaningful way is almost impossible.

Giving people the tools to connect and support each other

In order to create change, education is key. We support the call for change by educating students and other educators about the beauty of diversity and the advantages of a diverse society.

We want our children to be empowered to grow into global citizens who embrace intercultural diversity.
We help teachers, schools, and parents to be ready to face these changes and challenges.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”


Sinds enkele jaren heb ik bij Maatschappijleer samen met Interculturas het project ‘Expats in Nederland’ georganiseerd. Het contact met de expats is een leuke én waardevolle ervaring voor leerlingen, die hen nog lang bij zal blijven. Interculturas denkt zeer goed mee bij het opzetten van een effectieve en interessante opdracht. Ik kijk daarom nu alweer uit naar de samenwerking in het komende schooljaar!

Niels van den Bogert, Heerbeerck College Best