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Intercultural education is intuitive with the right tools at hand.

About InterCulturas

InterCulturas was founded 2019, encouraged to make it easier for schools to integrate intercultural education into their curriculum based on experience and fun while learning.

Today’s children face a  multicultural, multilingual, and rapidly changing world. This brings many challenges as well as many opportunities. 

Teaching about the beauty of diversity and how to connect across differences is our first goal at InterCulturas.

We want children to be empowered to grow into global citizens who embrace intercultural diversity.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Meet us at

Meet us at the Albert van Abbehuis

In collaboration with the Albert van Abbehuis we are hosting workshops, intercultural think tanks and co-creation sessions.

Zomerkamp – Cultures and Art

17 – 21 Juli 2023 at Albert van Abbehuis

Are you looking for a fun and educational summer camp for your child? Look no further than the “Summer Camp of Shared Stories”! Our camp focuses on connecting cultures and art through the power of storytelling.

During the first week of summer vacation, children will have a blast while learning about different cultures and art forms. Each day will have a different focus, whether it’s visually creating stories through drawing or 3D crafting, writing stories, acting them out, or exploring other creative avenues. Our professional guides will be there every step of the way to help your child unleash their creativity and learn about the beauty of diversity.



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