Collaboration With Albert van Abbehuis

Understanding through art.

Albert van Abbehuis is a local art space in the heart of Eindhoven.

In the collaboration between InterCulturas and Albert van Abbehuis, a meaningful connection between art and education is created.


Personal and cultural identity workshop

This workshop cultural identity and creative storytelling offers the possibility to reflect on the own personal and cultural identity, using experiential learning, creative thinking, and storytelling.

MODULE 1: Guided tour through the exhibition

MODULE 2: Identity Workshop

MODULE 3: Creative Storytelling

The workshop will change the way your students think about identity, culture, and the communities they are a part of. Learning about oneself and seeing the world from new perspectives is always the first step to build successful (intercultural) communication skills. Through a guided tour, facilitated group discussions, and creative reflection activities, your students will bring together the artwork and their ideas about identity and culture.


Group identity and team-building workshop

In a creative and relaxed way, you and your team will discover strengths, opportunities, and the team culture that brings everyone together. Culture is not bound to nationality or language. Culture is highly subjective and means something different for every individual. In this workshop, your team will discover what the terms ‘culture’ and ‘identity’ mean for them, and how they can make use of it when working together as a group. This workshop is designed for all kinds of teams – small or large, people who just met or have been working together for years.
Using creative thinking and experiential learning, your team will leave this workshop equipped with new ideas and inspiration for all future projects to come.

MODULE 1: Guided tour through the exhibition

MODULE 2: Team-Building Workshop


Highlights of the collaboration

Beside to the workshops above, we are regularly creating activities and events, which show the power of art in education.

One upcoming activity is the Art Summer Camp, in which children learn to express themselves artistically whilst working on a multicultural topic. This productive fun art summer vacation week will be rounded off by a weekend-long exhibition, during which the artworks of the children can be admired by parents, family, friends, and all visitors of the Albert van Abbehuis.