Learning Materials

The right educational material can create an
imaginative world to make a topic like intercultural
communication and competence approachable and
easy to understand.

Only the BEst

The right tool at hand for you and your students

Discover the beauty of diversity with your students by using one of our individually designed learning materials.

Learning about the world and the people who live in it is fun! 

With the help of students from SintLucas in Eindhoven, we have created a number of learning materials to support other educators who want to include topics like diversity and internationalisation in their teaching, using creative and innovative teaching methods. We hope to inspire students and teachers to tell stories and reflect on culture and diversity in new fun ways. 


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Learning Tools

Suitcase to travel the world

Suitcase to travel the world

Suitable for Primary Schools

The Suitcase was developed together with Game Design students from Sint Lucas College Einhoven. Schools such as t’Slingertouw and Floralaan in Eindhoven put it into action and found it a valuable tool.

1st week : 99€
• incl. 1 hour introduction session
• modification to individual needs/ curriculum
• travel journal

any following week: 39€ 

Graphic Novel

Graphic Novel

How much can you learn without words? Is fully answered with this graphic novel, which was created by students from Sint Lucas College in Eindhoven. You can order your printed version (for 14.90€) by dropping us an email.

Board Game

Board Game

Secondary School

An unique way of getting to know each other in a group, connecting in a student circle or even between collegues. It is suitable to be used for people 12 years and older.
It was developed during a student project in Sint Lucas College Eindhoven in collaboration with InterCulturas.

Matching your Agenda

Designed to your needs and curriculum

Are you looking for activities or learning materials that perfectly fit your students’ needs? Please feel free to contact us about possibilities to design something tailored towards your needs.