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As educators, we strive towards one goal – preparing our students for the future and all the ups and downs they will be facing in the world they live in. While societies connect more and more, communication and everyday interactions have become more complex than ever before. We can help you as a school or a teacher to build bridges. We will provide you with the necessary knowledge and resources to help your students see the world from an international perspective.



Activities reach from long-term collaborations, short-term projects, and workshops to 1-on-1 or group consulting.

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Intercultural Education

Long-term Collaborations


“Migrants in Nederland” Heerbeek College

Since 2018, we are running an annual project “Expats in Nederland” for Maatschappijleer at the Heerbeeck College in Best.
Hand in hand with the teacher, we are introducing the topic of intercultural communication, self-reflection, and intercultural competence. Interview sessions with internationals living in the Netherlands are conducted. This experience puts the theory into practice.

Intercultural Competence

Since 2020, we are working regularly with the Game Design department of SintLucas Eindhoven. In this collaboration, the students designed  learning tools like:
– Suitcase to travel the world
– Culture Quartett
– International Outdoor Games Collection

…and many more.


Intercultural Education


We are experts in creating new workshops and designing them to your specific needs. Or you can pick from an array of proven workshops to be added into your curriculum.


Multilingual Classroom

Intercultural Competence

Study Exchange Prep

Preparation Workshops for going abroad for children and parents

Troubleshoot Workshops

Navigate your intercultural classroom

Intercultural Interventions

Fun Mini Workshops for break times


Intercultural Education




Heerbeeck College in Best in 2019/2020

Created with an online collection of personal international stories on food.

How is food woven into your culture? Which food are you missing most while living abroad? Those were just a couple of questions, which the students asked.

“Eet Culturen” – Knippenberg College

“Eet Culturen” – WON-Project at the Knippenberg College in Helmond in 2018
In the WON-project, we invited internationals from Germany and different Spanish-speaking countries to talk and be interviewed about their eating habits, typical food from their country, and the origins of some typical recipes. It’s quite amazing to realize how internationally influenced our recipes are!